The Alliance series consists of two novels and a prologue novella.

They are E. Jade Lomax's first published novels. They follow the lives of three princesses and the friends they make during a revolution by an oppressed minority.


Prologue Sneak
the princesses are sent away from the castle after an assassination attempt, and end up having to foil another attempt on their lives with the help of some local lads


  • Sasha - the second princess
  • Will - a runaway boy turned master spy
  • Gregory - Will's childhood friend
  • Andrea - revolutionary
  • Elijah - Sasha's best friend and member of the Royal Guard
  • Gabrielle - Sasha's younger sister
  • Lia - Sasha's older sister, the crown princess
  • Marie - Lia's best friend and courtesan
  • Nathaniel - Elijah's brother


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