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Sezly Ruedotter (Sez) is an information broker and informant in Rivertown.

These were women who wore their brains on their sleeves, or on their tongues
- Remember the Dust chapter 28: When Sez Met Sally-Anne

Appearance and Personality

Sez is about a foot shorter than Rupert. Her skin is dark brown (typical of Rivertown inhabitants[1]. One of Sez's key identifying characteristics is her thick hair, which is black with dark purple streaks. She has been known to wear heavy boots, loose pants or fringed skirts, and many knots and lanyards of yarn, string, and ribbon on her arms and belt loops[2]. When juggling in Nightmarket, Sez carries five flaming torches to juggle, a cap to collect coins, and a bucket[3].

Sez is extremely confident and calm at almost all times, except in her relationship with Sally-Anne[4].


By the time she was fourteen, she was already dedicated to tracking Rivertown news and gossip. By age sixteen, she began juggling in Nightmarket and collecting people's requests[5].

Abilities and Attributes

She uses string and knots to build up a network of relationships and information. Sez is unable to read or write. She has a close network of confidantes who work with her to fulfill these duties, and she keeps track of information with her system of knots[6].





Her mother


Sez thought that meant she was stupid. Everyone else knew better.

Sez watched the passerby with her favorite smile, which said she probably knew something they didn’t.


Sez is in her early twenties during the events of Leagues and Legends[7].

She has a sharp Rivertown accent, characteristic of other Rivertowners such as Bart and Sally-Anne[8].

She nibbles her hair as a way to fidget[9].


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