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Junior League 37b (the Baby Rangers) is a young League sent to the Mountains while the Northern Rangers are in the flatlands.



They become friends as a result of the magical heist in Sally-Anne's Fish Shop whilst they're doing a group project at the Academy. After their group project, Jack and Laney convince Rupert to let them help him do vigilante work protecting lower Rivertown from Things and other phenomenon. Grey eventually joins them to cure the bad-luck curse which Elaine passes to Sez. They discover the breach and alert/recruit the Academy and Rangers, and the Shore Knights to help evacuate and save the town before closing the breach themselves.

The mage-slavers kidnap Laney and her friends pursue in order to rescue her. They find themselves taken captive by Spider and imprisoned in Gravestown. They escape with some other imprisoned mages and make their way to Bea's bakery where they meet Bea, Bidi, and George.

They associated with George and travelled the Mountains before being sucked into the battle of Challenge by Gerald Thorne and Spider. They collect the Merry Men on their way to Challenge and help prepare for the battle before eventually infiltrating Gravestown and destroying the machines and finally killing Mayor Graves.

Just prior to the infiltration Rupert is kidnapped, and the league disbands. Jack and Laney join Thorne's quiet branch to search for Rupert and take down the mage-slavers organisation. Grey goes to the Library and hangs out with George some more. Laney kidnaps Cassandra Graves for Thorne without Jack.

They find that Rupert was kidnapped by Thorne and kept in a lab to investigate his walking star abilities. His friends, along with Ana and Miz Eliza attempt to rescue him, but he escapes with Cass prior to their arrival. The league flees St. John's Port back to Rivertown and Jack loses a leg to the curse Grey made. Once in Rivertown they help the residents win their independence and develop a counter to the forgetting spell and a machine which can take magic directly from the Elsewhere without draining mages.

After the battles of independence, they travel down to the Desert to visit Laney's family and let them know about Liam.


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