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Gerald Thorne is a covert operative with the Bureau.

It seemed most of the students hadn't noticed that Mr. Thorne had a quite little smile that seeemed unlikely on a slight elderly man in a room echoing of boisterous young warriors; or at least they didn't recoginze that sometimes men with smiles like that were just as dangerous as they thought they were.
- Beanstalk chapter 4: Mr. Thorne

Appearance and Personality

Mr. Thorne is described as a slight, stick-like elderly man, who on intitial inspection wouldn't look to be dangerous.[1]


While at the Academy as a Bureau inspector, Thorne attempts to recruit Laney and Jack to join his department once they graduate, feeling that they show promise. They initially refuse to make a commitment, and when Thorne tries to blackmail Jack, Heads and Rupert step in to give Jack an alibi.

After the events of Echoes of a Giantkiller, Laney and Jack both join Thorne's quiet branch of the Bureau, working to finish capturing the Graves' slaving network. Laney successfully captures The Seeress for Thorne, and he imprisons her along with Rupert in a lab that is under a 'forgetfulness' curse such that as soon as you leave the room you forget everything within the lab until you cross the threshold again. He also curses George to be forgotten entirely, wherein she becomes Ana, in an attempt to free Jack from her influence.

Abilities and Attributes



"He died in the middle of kidnapping a child, because she screamed for help and help came" - Laney on Thorne's death[2]



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