The dragons are a species of creature known to reside far north of the Mountains.

George is forced to confront and kill a rogue dragon after she escapes being it's sacrifice and it retaliates by destroying her village and all the inhabitants.

At some point she travels with Jack and Liam and is found by some dragons that smell the blood on her. They claim that the rogue dragon was banished, but shouldn't have been sent to prey on people, and that they do not fault George for killing it.

Later, when Jack and George are cursed with Grey's curse, Bidi calls the dragons to heal George.

When Gerald Thorne and some quiet branch attempt to take Bea and Bidi hostage to sway the siege of Rivertown, Bidi pleas for their help, and three dragons answer. They rescue both Bea and Bidi and burn two of the attackers inside the bakery, before taking out Thorne and another near-escapee.

Once Jack, George and Laney arrive, Bidi acts as a translator for some conversation with the dragons.


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