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Bartholomew Saito (Bart) is a member of the Shore Knights in Rivertown.

Appearance and Personality

As a member of the Shore Knights, Bart is required to wear a hat of some kind whenever he is on 'official' business, and he chooses a serviceable dark bowler hat.


A Rivertown local, Bart befriended Sez when they were teenagers when he was going around the local area burying iron to ward away Things from the homes of those who could not afford protection.[1] Later they both met and befriended Rupert, becoming inseparable, until Bart chose to join the Shore Knights with the goal of forming the gang into a reliable force of protection and enforcement. For a time Sez then viewed Bart with suspicion and avoided providing him with information, until he suceeded in convincing her of his ultimate aims.

As part of the Rivertown rebellion, Bart begins the work of forming the Rivertown police force, supporting Sez and her allies' bid to form a new independent city state.

Abilities and Attributes



Bart and Sez became friends as teenagers.[2]


Bart and Rupert became friends as teenagers.[3]


Sally-Anne is a longtime friend of Bart's; it is not clear exactly how long they have known each other for.[4]

Shore Knights

Bart joined the Shore Knight gang prior to the events of Beanstalk.[5]




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